Terroir Analytics supports premier vineyard clients across the Northwest with geographic analysis, design, mapping and technical services. 

Benjamin founded Terroir Analytics in 2010 to deliver data-focused solutions for vineyard teams seeking a deeper understanding of the distinct conditions that make great wine. He is excited by helping small estates communicate the uniqueness of their fruit and guiding operations at all scales to optimize the effective and sustainable use of resources. Vineyard design from Terroir Analytics is rooted with a deep foundation of geographic modeling, including precision topographic and environmental analysis.

With a background in statistical modeling, and over a decade of experience in vineyards, Benjamin’s career has been dedicated to exploring the application of data-centric analysis to complex systems, including healthcare, pharmaceutical research and education.

When not studying maps or tromping across hillsides to scout vineyard sites, Benjamin enjoys exploring other Northwest treasures while hiking, kayaking and skiing. An enthusiastic problem-solver, building with wood, metal, clay and circuits.