terrain visualization


Terroir Analytics employs industry-leading technologies to model geography, creating dramatic 2D and 3D rendered visualizations. In print or animation, terrain visualization from Terroir Analytics immediately communicates the unique nature of a property or region.

Inform planning decisions and recognize potential issues with precise understanding of conditions such as:

. Elevation
. Slope
. Aspect
. Air flow / water drainage


microclimate analysis


Gain a greater understanding of a unique geographic environment with a Terroir Analytics microclimate profile.

Includes metrics such as:

. Temperature
. Seasonal variability
. Wind speed & direction
. Soil chemistry & moisture
. Soil depth
. Geologic history
. Plant health
. Biodiversity
. Pest Pressures


vineyard planning


Significantly increase accuracy and speed of vineyard construction with the aid of precision GPS technology.

Rapid layout with Terroir Analytics’ on-site support, including:
. block & vine row placement
. post locations
. irrigation and infrastructure surveying

As-built surveying provides precise accounting of a vineyard for improvements in chemical application, irrigation and yield estimation.


custom mapping


Mapping services from Terroir Analytics include production of custom print and video materials for marketing and communication:

. Winery & Tasting Room resources
. Website or newsletter publication
. Animated geographic tours


GIS consulting


Geographic technologies from Terroir Analytics can enhance vineyard operations in more than design:

Weather stations or remote sensors.
Monitor a multitude of relevant vineyard statistics. Logging data in a geographic context provides continuous feedback on vineyard conditions.

Farm management software.
Paired with a precision vineyard survey from Terroir Analytics, allow for tracking and monitoring of plant health, irrigation, chemical application and harvest data.

. Support application for Organic or Sustainable certification through mapping and data collection by Terroir Analytics. Provide chemical reporting and land-use analysis with greater accuracy and reduced administrative cost.